That toilet seat does what?!?!

Unless you haven't been toilet shopping in the last few years, you may not be aware of the great strides the "toilet seat" has made since being invented way back in the day. I'm not talking about the basic wood or plactic seats, oh no. Today's seats now come with an abundance of amenities. Yes, I said amenities! You can now make your toilet the most comfortable seat in the house by installing a Washlet by Toto, the most recognizable name in the industry.

You can now make your toilet the most comfortable seat in the house...

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Since the Washlet is a bidet toilet seat, the first amentity you would expect this seat to have is a cleansing feature. But, with front and rear cleansing options along with a self-cleaning wand, cleansing is not just a feature. It's an experience!

Front Cleansing
Rear Cleansing
Self Cleaning Wand

The front wash consists of large, soft drops for comfortable intimate cleansing- for a clean, fresh feeling. The rear spray is designed to clean the rear intimate area. It features pleasant, yet strong water pressure to target this specific area and the Wand is cleaned before and after every use.

Want comfortability? You got it!

One thing that we all want is to be comfortable so we can read the paper and ehem... do our business, at least the men anyway. Even if women don't read the paper, they still want to be comfortable. Not only do some Washlet models come with an auto open and close lid, some models have heated seats, and get this, a dryer for after the cleansing process. Crazy right!

Auto Open-Close Lid
Heated Seat

Just about every Washlet model comes with the sensor operated, automatic opening and closing lid. The specially designed, contoured seat is heated to provide maximum comfort. An integrated sensor maintains the desired setting between 82F and 97F. To top it all off, enjoy the ease and comfort of hands-free drying with the temperature-adjustable warm-air dryer. Great for those winter months!

Hygiene is two thirds of health

People who have heard that proverb before are going to love these features. There is a premist function that sprays the bowl before each use, preventing waste buildup. Not only that, Washlet technology known as ewater+, uses electrolized water to keep the bowl sanitary. Electrolyzed water is a proven disinfectant used in food preparation and cleaning. After each use, ewater+ mists the bowl with electrolyzed water, reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. And of course, there is a Deodorizer feature that cleans the air around the toilet using powerful filters. Air is drawn in, passing through an ionized carbon filter to eliminate unpleasant odors. Mind blowing stuff!

The Premist
Where can I see the Washlet in action?

Republic's Collection has the Washlet on display at our bathroom showrooms for you to touch, feel and interact with. There are many different Washlet models available making it tough to choose the right Washlet to fit your needs. Our sales associates can help pick the one that's right for you and your toilet. While the Washlet will fit on most standard toilets, there may be some it is not compatible with. Talking with a Republic's Collection associate will provide the path to a successful upgrade to your bathroom. Visit a Republic's Collection showroom located in Norwood, Framingham, Weymouth, North Grafton and Pembroke today to change the way you do your business!