Can't Touch This!!

Kitchen Remodel Ideas for the New Normal

As the world continues to open and adjust to this new normal, we at Republic’s Collection are still working hard to make sure all your bathroom and kitchen remodels run smoothly. We understand that our homes have become our safe place. We all deserve serenity at home, so why not make our living spaces functional and pleasing to the eye? Let us update your kitchen design with ideas to reflect your personalities and routines.

... an easy upgrade and a great way to stop the spread of germs in your house.

Of course, we all have different routines in the kitchen and getting to know my client’s unique routines is something I love about being on the showroom floor. The more I know about what goes on in your space, the better I can assist. Together we can choose products that specifically make your daily activities flow with ease. Everyone is different but I know one routine we have all grown accustomed to at this point… Washing our hands!! During these times we are all making adjustments, some little, some big. So let me ask you, “How nice would it be to return from the dreaded grocery store and wash your hands without having to touch anything?” Nice, right?! We can all use a little peace of mind right now, and knowing your faucets are germ-free is a great feeling!

Checkout the New VoiceIQ Technology!

Delta Faucets offer many solutions for replacing your existing kitchen faucet. A remodel idea I would really love to share is Delta’s new VoiceIQ technology.

This is an easy upgrade for your kitchen and a great way to stop the spread of germs in your house. With the VoiceIQ technology, your kitchen faucet will connect with either your Amazon Alexa or Google assist. You can tell your faucet to do all sorts of things like filling a measuring cup to a specific measurement or having it set to know exactly how much water you put in your coffee maker in the morning, just ask Alexa to “fill the coffee pot.” BUT! What really makes this a game changer is the new “handwashing mode”. By asking, “Delta, wash my hands”, your new faucet will turn on for a few seconds while you wet your hands, then turn off for 20 seconds while you scrub your hands. The faucet will then turn back on for you to rinse.

This is a great habit for all of us to get into. Who would have thought that a new kitchen faucet could improve our cleanliness routine?! Delta kitchen faucets are some of our best sellers, especially their touch faucets. So if your thinking about a remodel, add this to the idea list.

But, what if you already have a Delta Touch faucet? Great! You can add the VoiceIQ to recent Delta Touch Kitchen faucets. To complete your touchless experience at the kitchen sink, Delta also offers touchless soap dispensers!

Free Your Hands! Tap Your Feet!

Are you someone who is not that techy but loves the idea of a hands-free experience at your kitchen sink? I have a solution for you too. Foot controls! This is something that has been common in Europe for a while. This sensor is located at the top of the toe-kick of your kitchen sink cabinet. Simply tap your foot and the water comes on!

GROHE’s new Touchless FootControl kitchen faucets can be turned on and off with a gentle tap of your foot on the base unit, leaving your hands free and your faucet clean and spotless at all times. You can convert a wide range of GROHE pull-out or pull-down kitchen faucets into a hands-free model with our retro-fit set.

At Republic’s Collection, we have a lot of touch-free kitchen faucets to offer you! While there are only a select number of manufacturers that provide a touchless faucet, I anticipate more manufacturers will be introducing this new technology into their faucets, and as they do, we will keep you informed and up to date on the latest trends during these ever-changing times.

Make an appointment to visit any one of our five bath and kitchen showroom locations. We can help with any remodel ideas or questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you!

Article by Hannah Oxley - Showroom associate all-star located in Republic's Collection Norwood.